Energy sessions

Sadness leaving instantly during a remote session

She felt off all week.  Like there was a cloud around her head.  As soon as she said it, I could see the cloud.  She said she never gave into being sad & kept saying her affirmations, etc.  It took a bit of work to get rid of it.  It had multiple layers – which I could see as soon as the original spirt/entity was removed by Archangel Michael.  Then 5 other archangels removed the other 2 layers.  I was then instructed to change the energy in ALL the rooms of the house to remove the “residue” that this spirt/entity left in a few rooms of the house.  At one point during the healing, I was told to put energy in the bottom of her left foot.  She said she could feel this vibrate & tingle all the way up her entire body.  It got more intense the higher it went up her body.  I could hear her reaction when it left the top of her head.  She said she was back to herself!!  That sadness left instantly.  My guides told me it was the residue of that darn spirit/entity we removed before the session started.  Wow!  That sure was one powerful spirit/entity but not a good powerful!!

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