Energy sessions

Blockages with tentacles…oh my!

Remote session.  Six archangels removed a moon shaped blockage from her forehead.  But this was very different from most.  It had tentacles reaching out that ended with another blockage at the end of the tentacle.  There were 4 separate lines heading out to the 4 energy blockages.  All of this was put in place 7 lifetimes ago & contained worry, fear, sadness, dread, anxiety, hatred, and sorrow. I was told that the moon shape would grow back if the rest of those tentacles were not removed.

Before the session, I worked on her daughter to help her get out of debilitating pain.  After doing the healing, I was told everyone needs to see her doing cartwheels, etc to bring the healing energy to her more quickly.  The more people to see this happening the quicker the healing will be.  Each of us needs to see this happening 5 times a day.

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