Energy sessions

Cemetery from 1800 found in this clients backyard!

Remote session. Before the session started, they put what looked like a tent over her house.  Six archangels tucked this “tent” under her foundation & sealed it in tightly.  I was informed this was for her protection.  After removing some energy blockages, we then hung up & I continued to send her healing energy.  They kept working on her cells.  When I questioned my guides, I was informed there was a spirit in her back yard that had to leave the house when the “tent” was put on the house.  The frequency in the house was now higher & the spirit couldn’t stay in a frequency that high.  It was a spirit trying to go to the light.  She was such a bright light that the spirit thought it was “the light”.  It didn’t mean to take some of her energy.  The 5 archangels (Archangel Michael stayed to help with the healing) then took this spirit to the light.  And when I asked about the gravestones I saw in her backyard; I was informed they were from a cemetery that was there back in the 1800’s!!  Turns out there were more spirits that the archangels took up to the light to make sure the cemetery was empty.  The 5 archangels then changed the energy on her whole property.  So cool!!!!

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