Energy sessions

Cancer treatments and Reiki/Energy session

Remote session. A friend of the client gave her 3 stones with Reiki symbols on them.  She texted a picture of them right before her session.  She started the session by telling me about the stones – I looked at them on my phone.  I then repeated to her what my guides were telling me – the one with the power symbol was to go on the windowsill in the kitchen above the sink.  The emotional/mental symbol was to be put in another room of her choice –she put it in the living room as she spends a lot of time in that room & felt that the bathroom wasn’t a very “friendly” choice (Keep in mind she is going through cancer treatments at the moment & therefore visits the bathroom more frequently these days.)  The one with the Reiki distance healing symbol was to be on the right hand side of her bed.  Since she didn’t have a table there (only one on the left side), it was placed on the headboard.  The guides were very specific that it had to be placed on the right side & near her.  It could not be put on the dresser or floor.

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