Energy sessions

Do you know why you feel so sad?

Remote session.  Removed a lot of sadness. At one point the sadness was so deep from this lifetime that Archangel Michael had to remove it.  I told her it happened when she was in grade school around 3rd grade or so.  When I asked her if she remembered anything happening then – she said that’s when her parents divorced & she moved to another country.  So all that sadness made sense to me.  They also worked on a vertical line across her back at her bra line that was about 8 inches long.  When it was removed (it contained sadness) they instructed me to use biogenesis tools.  Then the Reiki power symbol went over her entire back.  The emotion/mental symbol was a vertical line from her bra line to her neck about 5 inches wide.  The master symbol went from the bra line to the top of her shoulders.  Biogenesis tools were used on the entire back to amplify those 3 symbols.  She said she was a sad person.  She also has insomnia but when we were about 20 minutes into the session, she felt very tired which was very new to her.

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