Energy sessions

Healing session after a client’s very stressful week

At the start of the session 5 protectors stepped forward. A large tent was
dropped over the house. It sealed the roof & was sealed on the sides much like
a circus tent except it was sealed along all 4 sides. It then was extended under
the house foundation & sealed in the middle. The 5 protectors then took their
spots – 1 at each wall & 1 in the ceiling inside the tent. A beautiful angel came &
stayed over the client’s left shoulder. Jesus came & sat over the right shoulder.
God placed himself over her head. Six Archangels (Archangel Michael, Uriel,
Raphael, Metatron, Paulette, Josephine) came to participate as well. It was
amazing to watch what happened…at one point the 6 Archangels were
massaging her heart & gave it warmth. This caused it to pump harder. They
removed blocks in her energy field from the solar plex chakra, crown chakra, left
knee (front, back, & inside), etc. And both of her children & husband (who has
crossed over) added to her intention. The client & her husband participated in the
healing. Jesus & the angel worked on her solar plex chakra. Jesus was blowing
on it to dry it. The angel had some type of wand she tapped on the edge & it
sent a circle of sparkle energy around in a circle. She tapped several times all
the way into the center of the chakra. Jesus then did more breaths to dry the
bottom of the chakra which appeared as black to me. When he was finished,
different colors were layered at the bottom of this chakra with a top put on so no one could see the colors.

The client had a very stressful/emotional week with a sick child – trying to get
some pain relief for her. She said she almost cancelled the session because she
was so drained, but she was told to do it. When they started massaging her
heart & the blood started pumping it gave her the energy back that she was

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