Energy sessions

Have you ever met yourself from four lifetimes ago?

I was instructed to take a fellow energy worker back four lifetimes.  She was a man then filled with sadness and worry.  This man worked for the railroad.  (My client said at one point she did accounting for the railroad and didn’t like hearing the trains coming back to the station.) The man shook my client’s hand & transferred ALL the sadness and worry to my client!!!!  The instructions were to then come back to this lifetime with just my client.  She was then placed in the middle of the circle.  The outside of the circle was made up of 10 archangels, my protector guide, my client, myself, and God.  She had 14 different frequencies of energy going into her.  It took a bit of work but eventually all that sadness and worry left the body.  After putting her under different types of water (First a shower then different types of waterfalls) to flush out every last drop, she emerged wearing the most beautiful, flowy white dress.  To step into her priestess self. 

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