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  About Debbie Barker
My journey started with a New Year’s resolution in 1982! Who knew? (And it was the only resolution I’ve ever kept!) I just wanted to tone my muscles & get in shape. It started in Phoenixville, PA with me taking a class titled Body Shaping at the local YWCA. After a bit, I became the instructor. And things just took off from there.

I like to meet people where they are & take them in small steps to be healthier. Changing habits such as:

  • Drinking 5 cokes and 1 water instead of 6 cokes per day.
  • Standing on one foot while brushing your teeth to add balance in your body (we lose balance as we age).
  • Going to the bathroom on a different floor than where you are to add more steps in your day.

I know they sound crazy but it doesn’t add much more time in your day & can actually make a difference in your health. My bottom line is: I want to help you get healthy taking small steps from where you are now. It must become a part of what you do in order for the changes to take place.

My philosophy is emphasizing preventative healthcare.  Having taken natural health classes, I have earned the designation of Certified Natural Health Professional.  This training encompassed information, instruction, and certification in the field of natural health practices that do not involve orthodox drugs or surgical procedures.

REIKI MASTER/Energy Healing
Reiki, a Japanese technique to relax body and mind, was introduced to me in 2004. I have worked up to the highest level, Reiki Master. I’ve also completed my study of Pranic Healing Level I in 2008 which deals with the body's energy centers. Loving these natural methods of healing, I continue to study other healing techniques such as Jin Shin Jyutsu in 2010, Palmajetics in 2010, and Vas Pesh in 2011. Click on the Reiki/Energy tab above for more detail.

I have been a Certified Personal Trainer since 1994. I hold both Personal Trainer and Weight Room certifications. My experience has taught me that when it comes to personal training, one size does not fit all.  I customize each of my client’s workouts and regimens to suit their needs and personal goals.   

Pilates is a specialized type of exercise that develops a toned, strong, and balanced body by using mindful movements. This exercise method improves core strength, stability, flexibility, and overall energy. Since completing my Comprehensive Pilates training in 2015, I have continued to be in awe of what Pilates can do for the body.

I have two awesome adult children, Kristin and Timothy. I enjoy time with my family, rollerblading and touring on a motorcycle with David, my incredible husband since 1980.

Contact me today to find out more! You can email me or call me at 678-982-1590.

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