Debbie Barker, CNHP

  About Debbie Barker

I absolutely LOVE what I do!  I was sitting in a class called Body Works in 2004 (one of the core classes I was required to take to earn my CNHP designation) & it blew me away.  The instructor was showing us how to align the spine by using the energy in the body.  And she showed us a technique with the eyebrows and north and south fingers to release thoughts and emotions like one had been talking to a therapist for 20 years!!  I knew I wanted to learn more about energy & help people heal their bodies and their minds.  The next thing I knew, I became a Reiki I Practitioner in 2004 and have not looked back (Reiki is a Japanese technique to relax the body AND the mind.)  A few years later and  2 more Reiki Attunements, I became a Reiki Master.  Now I do attunements for other Reiki practitioners as well as Reiki sessions on others.

 I’ve also completed my study of Pranic Healing Level I in 2008 which deals with the body's energy centers. Loving these natural methods of healing, I continue to study other healing techniques such as Jin Shin Jyutsu in 2010, Palmajetics in 2010, Vas Pesh in 2011, and Emotion Code in 2018. Click on the Reiki/Energy tab above for more detail. I have two awesome adult children, Kristin and Timothy. I enjoy time with my family, rollerblading and touring on a motorcycle with David, my incredible husband since 1980.

Contact me today to find out more! You can email me or call me at 678-982-1590.

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