Debbie Barker, CNHP

  Comprehensive Pilates Instructor
Pilates is a specialized type of exercise that develops a toned, strong, and balanced body by using mindful movements. This exercise method improves core strength, stability, flexibility, and overall energy. The foundation of Pilates is based on quality of movement, so it’s important to practice with an instructor who can coach you on proper form and technique. Although it’s possible to get a superficial instructor designation in as little as 6 hours, a true Comprehensive Classical Pilates Instructor Certification requires more than 600 hours of training.

I completed my comprehensive training in 2015 and now offer Classical Pilates sessions at my home studio in Lawrenceville or at the Vitality Method Studio in Duluth. You can attend  Mat Pilates sessions at my home or try out some of the more technical methods available at Vitality Method, which is a fully equipped, classically-based Pilates studio.




Pilates utilizes various techniques and equipment:

  • Mat: The most basic form of Pilates, this method only requires your body and an exercise mat. Mat Pilates focuses on flowing from one exercise to the next. Some transitions are like exercises in themselves, providing a consistent whole-body workout.
  • Reformer: This piece of equipment is basically a moving mat that reforms the whole body. It features a lay-down mat on a slider, with a bar you can push off at one end and two pull cords at the other. The Reformer is fully adjustable for different body sizes and skill levels.
  • Chair: Not your average chair! The Pilates chair offers adjustable springs to customize your workout experience. Use it to support your spine during seated exercises and to align your legs during standing exercises.
  • Ladder Barrel: Featuring a barrel-like surface to help with stretching, strengthening, and flexibility, this equipment takes your Pilates goals to the next level.
  • Spine Corrector: Working out on the Spine Corrector improves and corrects spinal alignment and posture. This device is specially designed to relax two key spinal joint areas that are often constricted.
  • Tower: This equipment features an elevated vertical mat with arm and leg springs, push-through bars, and an overhanging canopy for hanging exercises. Tower Pilates is recommended for intermediate students.

Schedule your first training session today by emailing me or by calling me at 678-982-1590.

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