I’m glad you’re here! I provide services to clients just like you who are feeling overwhelmed, want to emotionally feel better, and want to get excited about life again. Each session will give you a relaxed mind AND body. Sessions available in person or remotely. I’ve done energy healing sessions on people from India & South Africa as well as the USA.  One can feel the benefits without being in the same room with me.  

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About energy work

Learn more about Reiki, BioGenesis, Palmajetics, Jin Shin Jyutsu, Vas Pesh, Emotion Code, and the other techniques I use to help you relax, refresh, and restore.

More about energy modalities

Remote healing sessions

Energy work can be sent from me to you, no matter where you are physically located.

What to expect from a session


Energy work can improve all aspects of your life. Learn how this healing has made a positive difference for other people.

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