I wanted to take a moment to share how lovely my experience with Debbie Barker was. I had a reiki session over the phone. At first, I was hesitant, only because my knowledge of reiki is minimal and I was under the impression it had to be in-person to really feel anything. However, as soon as I got on the phone with Debbie I could feel the energy. She started the session by putting protection over my home. When she did this I felt a wave of peace and comfort wash over me.
Debbie was able to answer a question for me that I’ve had since I was a young child and the answer blew my mind in the best way.
I have another session with Debbie in February and I can not wait.
Debbie is the real deal and I highly suggest scheduling a session with her.
Thank you, Debbie C.T.

I absolutely love your sessions. They always leave me feeling relaxed, clear and so very thankful for people like you who can help people like me heal💜 D.T.

A friend of mine highly recommended Debbie Barker.   Trying Reiki for the first time, I didn’t know what to expect.  I was surprised by the session.  Debbie is a very authentic person and easy to talk with.  She explained everything she was doing in the first session.  I set my intention for the session.  She goes to different areas of the body to find emotional blockages and to clear energy.  When she started talking I went into a deep state of relaxation almost immediately.  I’ve never been hypnotized but something like that.  My breathing became very deep.  I was not controlling my breathing. Emotions came out once and tears rolled down my cheek.  She shared tips of how to let go of negative energy.  She shared some of her personal stories that are so helpful.   I’m writing this one day after my session.    I feel calmer, positive and focused.   I considered this self-care and important time to focus on what matters most to you. S.J.

I was totally blown away with my experience of healing with Debbie.  I had 30 minutes of distant Reiki.  Debbie talked me through it explaining about blockages and her healing techniques.  An amazing experience.  I actually feel as if negative energy has been released.  I am feeling great.  Feeling so chilled out.  Enjoying the peace. I cannot recommend her enough.  E.C.

Hello Ms Debbie! I wanted to give you an update on my head pressure. I started feeling the pressure gradually easing away yesterday. Exactly 5 days like you said and I’m very grateful. I’m excited for my 2nd session.  K.F.

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