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I absolutely LOVE what I do!

I was sitting in a class called Body Works in 2004 (one of the core classes I was required to take to earn my Certified Natural Health Practitioner designation) and it blew me away.  The instructor was showing us how to align the spine by using the energy in the body.  And she showed us a technique with the eyebrows and north and south fingers to release thoughts and emotions like one had been talking to a therapist for 20 years!!  I knew I wanted to learn more about energy and help people heal their bodies and their minds.  The next thing I knew, I became a Reiki I Practitioner in 2004 and have not looked back (Reiki is a Japanese technique to relax the body AND the mind.)  A few years later and 2 more Reiki Attunements, I became a Reiki Master.  Now I do attunements for other Reiki practitioners as well as Reiki sessions on others.

I’ve also completed my study of Pranic Healing Level I in 2008 which deals with the body’s energy centers. Loving these natural methods of healing, I continue to study other energy healing techniques such as Jin Shin Jyutsu in 2010, Palmajetics in 2010, Vas Pesh in 2011, and Emotion Code in 2018. Click on the Reiki/Energy tab above for more detail. I have two awesome adult children, Kristin and Timothy. I enjoy time with my family, rollerblading and touring on a motorcycle with David, my incredible husband since 1980.