Reiki and Energy Healing

What is it?

During an energy healing session, I will be using one or more of the modalities listed below, according to your body’s needs. Sessions can be done in person or remotely.

How Does it Work?

You will simply lie down fully clothed and listen to relaxing music. Moving my hands over your body, I will pass the healing energy to you. This treatment can vary from thirty, forty-five, or sixty minutes. You choose how long your session will be.

The Experience

Different people can experience different things during an energy healing session, but almost everyone feels deep relaxation during a session and increased positivity and well-being after the session. Energy sessions help you release tension, anxiety, fear, and other negative feelings.

Each person sets their own intention on what they want to receive from their session. Some examples: to remove whatever is keeping you stuck; clarity on a business issue; to stop a migraine headache or relieve other pain; to get rid of the fear of driving on the interstate after a car accident; or to get peace of mind in order to think clearly about a problem needing resolution. These are real experiences with which I have worked.

Let’s chat

Schedule your free call or zoom chat so we can get to know each other and see if I’d be a good fit to do a healing session on you! 😁🥰💖

How to Get the Most out of Your Session

I have found there are 3 things one can do to get the most out of their session:

  1. Set an intention. This is the reason you’re coming for a session. Then ask that your thoughts and emotions line up with that intention because if we keep looking at things the same way, we get the same results. 😁
  2. Go to a relaxed place in your mind. I like to go lie in thick grass near a waterfall (there are no bugs here!). I’m wearing a string bikini (with the perfect body! haha) and can feel the warm sun on my face while I swish my hand and foot in the water. I feel very relaxed and peaceful here. 🌊
  3. Come from a state of gratitude. Appreciate the healing energy entering your body. Thank your higher source (I happen to call my higher source God.) or the universe, etc. for your session. 💖💗

Energy Modalities I Practice


A Japanese technique which relaxes body and mind, decreases stress, and promotes healing.  Reiki can reduce pain, anxiety, depression, heart rate, blood pressure, and susceptibility to disease.

Emotion code

Releases trapped emotions in the body.  By releasing these trapped emotions, you will be removing the unwanted negative energies that are blocking the normal function of your tissues.  You will be helping reestablish the free flow of energy which helps the body heal. Your mind will return to a more natural state, without the drama, pain, and weight of your old emotions blocking you from moving forward in your life.

Pranic healing

A healing approach that focuses on cleansing the aura (bio-electromagnetic field that surrounds the physical body) by removing the negative energy that could affect the organs and their related chakras.

Jin Shin Jyutsu 

Deals with the twenty-six “safety energy locks” along energy pathways that feed life into our bodies.  Holding these energy locks in combination can bring balance to mind, body, and spirit.


Simple hands-on techniques that you can use on a daily basis to benefit your body. This process changes the flow of energy to and from specific organs and glands within the body.

Vas Pesh

The gypsy art of hand walking.  The stagnant energy in the body can be seen in the hands.  By massaging parts of the hands, one can balance, release, and revitalize the body.

My Reiki/energy sessions with Debbie have been extremely positive.  Having had no prior experience with reiki/energy healing, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect in my first session.  Debbie patiently walked me through the process and answered any questions that I had.  That first session was wonderful and each session since has been fantastic.  The energy from each session has been very healing.  I look forward to each session and approach each session with a clear intention.  Debbie starts with my intention and then leads me through the session and ultimately I get the healing I need, oftentimes far exceeding my initial intention.  I highly recommend Debbie for Reiki/energy healing without hesitation.


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