A New Procedure

Four angels appeared. Two were stationed on the left side of the body. One at the waist and the other at her shoulder. Their arms were outstretched & I could see energy coming out of their palms entering the body.

spiritual crystal healing stones

Support System in Place – WOW!

Then I saw different types of angels — one was for comfort, one was for fun, etc. move in and out. Each angel would come out to “play” at the right and perfect time!!

lake and mountain photo

Good Spirit, Mary

I was very excited, during this remote energy session, to let my client know she has a spirit named Mary who wishes to communicate with her.


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About Me

Hi, I’m Debbie. I absolutely LOVE what I do! Since 2004, I’ve been using energy healing sessions to help people heal their bodies and their minds. I also like to rollerblade, go on motorcycle tours with my incredible husband since 1980, and spend time with my two adult children.