Energy sessions

Going Back 3 Lifetimes to get What You Need in this Lifetime…..

This is another incredible energy healing session!  I was instructed to bring her back to 3 different lifetimes.  They were showing her where the worry, doubt, & fear bothering her in this lifetime came from.  In lifetime number three she was a man with a wife and 3 children.  Lifetime number one she was a 16-year-old princess. And in lifetime number two she was a young girl who stole a candy bar as she was hungry. This girl was on her hands & knees in jail scrubbing the filthy dirty floor.  We couldn’t leave that lifetime until she hugged this girl scrubbing the floor to give her compassion.

Also in this energy healing session, I used Vas Pesh (an energy modality that I know) to have her trace an area on her left palm that effects all the organs in the body.  When she did that, it released the energy I was instructed to put in her index finger.  She was told to trace that area 5 times that day.

Energy sessions are so interesting and fun to do.

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