Energy sessions

Another Dimension!!!

WOW!! Another incredible energy healing. In case you haven’t read the blog when I talked to a cadaver bone (it is a few blogs back), I will give you the readers digest version:

The client on my table had the cadaver bone in her leg vibrate when it heard the drums playing from the CD that was playing during her session. It stopped when the drums were over. When she told me about it, I told her the cadaver bone wanted to talk to her. I gave her the messages. What an awesome energy healing session it was. 🦴🦿πŸ’₯πŸ’–

Fast forward to yesterday. She came again for another session. I sensed a spirit in the upper right had corner of the energy room. It was a spirit from another dimension. The cadaver bone (his name is Harry) had this spirit come from another dimension (that is the dimension Harry came from). He wanted to make sure it was OK for me to do my “energy fun” stuff on her!!!

As I talked to my client, she said she talks to Harry a lot – even while trying to get into some yoga poses. I told her Harry is very protective of her. She said she senses that, too!

Have you ever heard of an energy healing session like this??? I absolutely LOVE what I do!!

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