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Anger Issues

Here’s a text from one of my clients:

Hi Debbie, I have to share a WIN with you! This week I used my intelligence to solve problems instead of letting my anger be the boss. Wow! I artfully engaged with better solutions all week. It is fun to outsmart an opponent. What a tremendous stress relief from feeling oppressed and disrespected. Thanks for your help! 🌈

And now the rest of the story…She was having issues with a co-worker that brought up a lot of anger. During this energy healing session, my guides told me to tell her to write down five GOOD things about this person everyday. When she did this, an answer came to her as to why the person was acting this way toward her.

She said her “Reiki breakthrough: Use your intelligence. Kindness, respect and love go a long way. ☀️❤️⭐️”

People use Reiki/Energy healing sessions for all different things. Each session is based on the intention YOU set (Just a fancy way of saying why you want a session.) 🥰 You set the intention to yourself as I want to respect your privacy. And remember, I’m like Las Vegas — whatever happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas 🤣😂