Energy sessions

Healing on Past Live Self

This energy healing session was very interesting! I was told to go back to past life number two. My female client was then an eight year old boy. The healing was done on the eight year old boy!

My guides then told to go back to lifetime number three. She was a four year old girl. And you guessed it – another energy healing session was done on the four year old girl.

I was then instructed to go back to lifetime number eight. She showed up as a female in her early twenties. Energy healing was done on the early twenty year old.

Now here is the very interesting part — when I was told to go back to my present day client — I could see pieces of her were empty!! This energy healing session released negativity from lifetime numbers two, three, and eight from her energy field.

My guides instructed me to put in a layer of love, a layer of peace, a layer of abundance, and another layer of love on top.

This energy filled in all the empty spaces and she was whole again!!! 🥳💙

And here is another interesting part – my client could feel things happening in her body when I was back in those other lifetimes doing the energy healing session on her other selves!!!!! WOW!!!

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