Energy sessions

Jesus Comes To Help With Session

In this remote energy healing session a lot happened! Jesus and Archangel Michael came to participate in Suzanne’s session (She said I could use her first name). Here are some of the highlights of her hour session.

Jesus filled her body with healing energy. It will stay there for fifteen days. Protection was put on her entire back for fifteen days to help keep her safe while she heals. In nineteen days she is to ask Jesus for more healing. Jesus will do this healing for four days!

Soul fragments were returned to Suzanne. The soul fragments of peace, love, and joy. The soul fragment of love used to be filled with sadness. But it came back as the soul fragment of love. WOW!

Her dog, Oliver, was doing alot of barking during the session. So I asked my guides about this as Suzanne said he was not a barker. My guides said there was a spirit that needed to go. Archangel Michael and Mangor (my protector guide) talked to the spirit & explained it was time to go. He was from another dimension. Archangel Michael and Mangor took him back. Suzanne called it a spiritual arrest. 😂🤣 Now Oliver was quiet!

During this energy healing session, I was told to go back five lifetimes to do a healing on her heart. Thirty-five layers were wrapped around the heart followed by Reiki energy, then placed in a bubble. In 3 days Suzanne is to ask Archangel Michael to do more healing on her heart in past life number five. She is to sit for 25 minutes while this is done. If she feels she wants that heart to come to her in this lifetime, she is to ask for it back.

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