Energy sessions

Incredible Healing For A Healer!

To say this healing was incredible is an understatement.

To Prepare For This Session

I was told to put energy on the massage table. Energy in the room. Energy on the client. Energy on me.

Before I start each energy healing session, I set the intention that the session be miraculous. Then the “download” starts. In this case it went on for about a minute and was very forceful – In a standing position, I was being pushed back with the intensity of this energy.

The energy placed on me was from another planet and rarely used on our planet. They put six different frequencies from this other planet all around me. This energy felt very comfortable.

The energy on my client was put on by Archangel Michael. Ninety-two circles of energy were put clockwise around her body. Each set of five were a different frequency. After all ninety-two circles were in place, some of the circles started going counter clockwise.

Jin Chin Jyutsu

I used Jin Chin Jyutsu (an energy modality I know) to clear safety energy locks at the bottom of the big toes to help balance emotions.

Jin Chin Jyutsu clears little energy vortexes in our bodies to help the energy flow properly. There are twenty-six “safety energy locks” along energy pathways that feed life into our bodies.  Holding these energy locks in combination can bring balance to mind, body, and spirit.

Emotion Code

Emotion Code (another energy modality) was used to clear three inherited trapped emotions of sadness. I love finding these types of trapped emotions as they are not only cleared from my client but also anyone else that has it in the family line – siblings, cousins, children, etc.

By releasing trapped emotions, one will be removing the unwanted negative energies that are blocking the normal function of your tissues.  You will be helping reestablish the free flow of energy which helps the body heal. Your mind will return to a more natural state, without the drama, pain, and weight of your old emotions blocking you from moving forward in your life.

Generational Curse

After all this, a generational curse of sadness came up. This client received this at age five. I asked if I could clear it and was told yes. It was then that Jesus, Archangel Michael, and all the other archangels showed up. WOW! I watched in amazement as Jesus pulled it out. Archangel Michael then waved his big wings over the energy field of the client. I watched as the energy field of the client started to relax!! (A generational curse is a habit or behavior that’s been passed down from one generation to the next.)

Beings From Another Planet

Four beings came from another planet (Turns out this client was from that planet.) to participate in this energy healing, too! This was a first for me – beings from another planet participating. They had great energy – very loving.

WOW! Lots of help from above to support this client/healer. I was thankful that I got to be a part of this incredible energy healing.

Afterwards, the client left feeling much more relaxed and peaceful. She had a very stressful morning but I was sure her evening would be different!

Energy sessions

Healing on Past Live Self

This energy healing session was very interesting! I was told to go back to past life number two. My female client was then an eight year old boy. The healing was done on the eight year old boy!

My guides then told to go back to lifetime number three. She was a four year old girl. And you guessed it – another energy healing session was done on the four year old girl.

I was then instructed to go back to lifetime number eight. She showed up as a female in her early twenties. Energy healing was done on the early twenty year old.

Now here is the very interesting part — when I was told to go back to my present day client — I could see pieces of her were empty!! This energy healing session released negativity from lifetime numbers two, three, and eight from her energy field.

My guides instructed me to put in a layer of love, a layer of peace, a layer of abundance, and another layer of love on top.

This energy filled in all the empty spaces and she was whole again!!! 🥳💙

And here is another interesting part – my client could feel things happening in her body when I was back in those other lifetimes doing the energy healing session on her other selves!!!!! WOW!!!

Energy sessions

Jesus Comes To Help With Session

In this remote energy healing session a lot happened! Jesus and Archangel Michael came to participate in Suzanne’s session (She said I could use her first name). Here are some of the highlights of her hour session.

Jesus filled her body with healing energy. It will stay there for fifteen days. Protection was put on her entire back for fifteen days to help keep her safe while she heals. In nineteen days she is to ask Jesus for more healing. Jesus will do this healing for four days!

Soul fragments were returned to Suzanne. The soul fragments of peace, love, and joy. The soul fragment of love used to be filled with sadness. But it came back as the soul fragment of love. WOW!

Her dog, Oliver, was doing alot of barking during the session. So I asked my guides about this as Suzanne said he was not a barker. My guides said there was a spirit that needed to go. Archangel Michael and Mangor (my protector guide) talked to the spirit & explained it was time to go. He was from another dimension. Archangel Michael and Mangor took him back. Suzanne called it a spiritual arrest. 😂🤣 Now Oliver was quiet!

During this energy healing session, I was told to go back five lifetimes to do a healing on her heart. Thirty-five layers were wrapped around the heart followed by Reiki energy, then placed in a bubble. In 3 days Suzanne is to ask Archangel Michael to do more healing on her heart in past life number five. She is to sit for 25 minutes while this is done. If she feels she wants that heart to come to her in this lifetime, she is to ask for it back.

Energy sessions, Testimonials

Message Given During Session

Here is a text that prompted a remote energy healing:

Good morning!! I know you are extremely busy … but asking anyway 🙃 the heaviness I am feeling is extreme!! Feeling a bit overwhelming… taking my breathe away. Something is up ! I know we are all feeling this right now, too.

If you have a few free minutes.. Can you PLEASE try to lift some of this off me!!!

Thank you so so much❤️

Here is what I texted back to her after I finished the energy healing:

Glad you had your intention set for your healing! You also participated along with ALL archangels, all angels of 100% pure white light, myself, my protector guide, and God.

I watched as they lifted off a 10 inch film from the top of your body. They pulled it from the toes all the way up to the top of your head and then did some type of surgery to disconnect it from the top of your head!! Wow. They then had me put some healing energy in the front of your body.

They had you stand on a platform and they put a clear glass dome over top of you. They had me seal where the platform and dome meet. You will be in this dome forever! It is to protect you from other entities sticking to your body like that. 

Message for you:

You are to ask Archangel Michael from time to time to reinforce the glass dome and platform. You will know when it needs to be done. 

We are sorry this happened to you. You are such a bright light in this world and have helped so many spirits. We thank you. Please reach out again if you need help – we are here to support you. You are wonderful!! We are pleased you are part of our team and you spearhead the efforts on earth. Your position is more important than you know. You are the best! Thank you again from the bottom of our hearts. End of message.

Some things she had to say after the energy healing:

Thank you Thank you!!!

Feeling SO MUCH better!!! Starting to be able to breathe better!! That was awful.

That film covering my body… was” smothering “ me.!!!

What a relief to have it gone!

I never know what will happen during an energy healing session. I simply tune into my guides and do what they are telling me to do. Sometimes, like this session, I get messages for you. Or I might be going back to a past life or go to a future life. I so LOVE what I do.

Energy sessions

Horse Session

Wow! The universe continues to amaze me while I do my energy healing “fun stuff”. Sometimes the client and I have no idea why they are showing me things until weeks later. That was the case with this session.

I “saw” a horse runnning from left to right. For some reason that was important, so I communicated this to my client.

Three weeks after the energy healing session, the client was having a cup of coffee on the outside deck. She was looking out at the pasture where her horses were grazing. All of the sudden the youngest horse took off running — yes, you guessed it — from left to right.

This is so amazing because this young horse doesn’t leave the family of horses – she is very young and timid.

My client has been helping out a close friend with an issue in their life. When she saw the horse running from left to right — she knew it was a sign. There was a break through in this issue!

She couldn’t wait to tell this person having the issue. As she was reaching for her cell phone, it rang. Yes, you guessed it again — it was the person she wanted to tell about the sign she just received!!

Each energy session I do is unique to just that person at that moment in time.

I sit quietly before each session and ask that they get me ready for the session. The downloads are incredible at times! Is it any wonder why I LOVE doing energy sessions?!?!?!

Sometimes not only does the client benefit BUT also other people in their lives after their energy session.

human skeleton model
Energy sessions

Talking to a Cadaver Bone 🦵

What a very unusual energy healing session! I loved it!!

The client had surgery recently which involved putting a cadaver bone in her leg. I had been doing remote sessions through her recovery time. This was the first time she could come in person.

I had some music playing during the energy healing session. A song came on that had some Indian drums and that is when her cadaver bone started vibrating. When the drums stopped, so did the vibration. How cool is that?????

The cadaver bone wanted to communicate to her. So I asked him some questions (his name was Harry) and conveyed the answers to my client.

Here’s what we learned: Harry was happy to be in her body (She had already welcomed him in her body after the surgery.). He was getting used to the energy in her body as it was different from the body he was previously housed. Harry said he was there to be of service to her and she could talk to him anytime. He is willing to do what she needs him to do (She is learning how to walk again.)

Is it any wonder why I love doing what I do?????? I am the luckiest person in the world to be able to offer energy healing sessions! These sessions help everyone in so many different ways and I am honored to be a part of that. 🥰💕💟

Energy sessions

A New Procedure

This client was given a gift for her service here on earth. It was a new procedure. The energy healing session took on a whole new level after that!

Four angels appeared. Two were stationed on the left side of the body. One at the waist and the other at her shoulder. Their arms were outstretched & I could see energy coming out of their palms entering the body.

Another angel was postioned at her feet. Holding onto the backs of the legs close to the ankles. Energy was traveling slowly up the legs.

The fourth angel had palm over palm over the heart. I could see the energy of love flowing into her heart.

The next angel hovered horizontally over the client. It was sending energy from its forehead to the clients forehead. I was told it was giving the client a new way of thinking.

Four entities with large spears appeared. They each took a corner to make a rectangle shape. They were there for protection. You see, this was a new procedure they were doing and they did not want anyone to mess it up!

Such an incredible healing energy session! The night before this session, this client felt something enter her body & felt someone touch her shoulder. It was communicated to me that that energy that entered her body had to be in place before her session with me in order to make the new procedure work properly!!!

I can’t wait to see how her life plays out after this energy healing session!

Energy sessions

Five Day Energy Healing

Wow! This energy healing session was certainly filled with energy!!

Before we could start they put her in a cocoon of golden energy. Seventy two layers from side to side. Then 72 layers from front to back. Then 72 layers diagonal to the left. Then 72 layers diagonally to the right. Wow!!!! My client said she was tingling all over.

I was then instructed to put all of that in a bubble and seal it with some Reiki symbols. She will stay in this bubble for 5 days.

The next wow thing that happened — I saw a hawk perched on her right shoulder. Energy from the hawk was going into her brain & waking up areas that were dark (she hadn’t used these areas for awhile). This will continue for 3 days! I heard the words “new ideas”. After the session, she told me the hawk was part of her spirit totem.

I watched as they painted a layer of energy (much like the outside of an M&M) for structure. I asked the client if that made sense to her. She said yes – at times she feels her legs are not connected and she can’t count on them to work. My guides gave me an exercise for her to do. I could see how the flow of blood/energy was a bit blocked. This exercise would help open the blocks up.

It is any wonder, when you see what can happen in an energy healing session, why I LOVE what I do???

spiritual crystal healing stones
Energy sessions

Support System in Place – WOW!

This energy healing session was so much fun to “see”. I watched as they put a thin gray layer onto the entire back of my client.

It will be there for five weeks. It is for protection, support, and guidance.

I watched as fairies flew in and out of this gray layer.

Then I saw different types of angels — one was for comfort, one was for fun, etc. move in and out. Each angel would come out to “play” at the right and perfect time!!

I love each and every energy healing session that I do. I love watching how we’re supported in the way that is needed in our lives. Simply incredible!

lake and mountain photo
Energy sessions, Testimonials

Good Spirit, Mary

I was very excited, during this remote energy session, to let my client know she has a spirit named Mary who wishes to communicate with her. Mary is part of her guide team.

Mary’s very creative, thinks outside the box, & helps with new and different ideas. Mary said if my client asks her for help, the ideas will flow.

As you can guess, my client uses the #creative side of herself every day in her business.

During this remote energy session, seventy two thin layers of energy were wrapped around her head. Another seventy two thin layers of energy from the waist down. The layers were put on separately and were different frequencies.

Energy that went into the neck bounced out doubt and fear – it looked like a trampoline!

Here is what this client had to say the day after her remote energy session:

I recently finished another wonderful Reiki session with Debbie Barker. My sleep was deep and peaceful. The next morning I awoke refreshed, light and with a bounce in my step! My energy levels are bursting and ready for more creativity!

If you need to kick off a few cobwebs to raise your energy levels, I thoroughly recommend booking in with Debbie. Sessions can be done remotely if you’re not in the US!
Thanks so much Debbie!